Shambhala Kodo College

IAU is pleased to partner with Shambhala Kodo College, established by Mr. Lim Say Fon. As the first Chinese student to be endorsed by Japanese Kodo Master Hidetsugu Tanaka-sensei, Mr. Lim Say Fon received his lineage in the 8th generation of mastering the Japanese art of Kodo (香道).

Master Lim Say Fon has dedicated his life to embark on the journey. He has hosted countless workshops in Singapore and has been invited to teach Kodo across the globe. He is a recipient of international achievements from The China International Highest Agarwood Association, The China Aromatic Incense Therapy Culture Institute and The China Aromatic Incense Association. He has also been nominated as an honorary professor for the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at the Imperial College of London.His extensive knowledge of the aroma world led him to the establishment of The Shambhala Kodo that propagates the culture of the secret and sacral art of aromatic incense therapy.  Now,  Mr. Lim Say Fon shares his decades of experience with you by offering four certificate programs that will teach you the ways of the Shambhala Kodo.